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A Painter and Art Teacher

Who Am I?
Bonjour, my name is Sas Hayes and I am an art teacher, a painter, but above all, I am an art lover. My mother was also a painter, and I learned a lot from her. I also studied with some well-known Swiss painters.
Art Teacher
I have been teaching, academic drawing, watercolor, oil and various techniques to both adults and children for 20 years in Geneva, Switzerland.
I share my knowledge with people who are interested in learning how to paint for their pleasure and fun. More than 1,000 students have attended my classes during the past years. Some students have become professional painters.
Painting Tips
Look at nature - its shapes and its colors. This is your best teacher.
A New Painting Course
In November, 1998 I will be teaching a new course. It is called Free Creative Painting. How colors and painting help in releasing the emotions. The students will learn how to free their feelings through a creative expression without learning the academic rules of painting.
SaS Hayes - The Painter
My first painting exhibition was held in Geneva in 1976. I then held exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, and France. I have had more than 20 exhibitions of watercolors, oils, drawings, landscapes, portraits, flowers, and the human body with both soft and thick paintbrushes.
What a Couple of Art Critics Have Written:
1988 Art Exhibition - Dedicated to Children - Geneva
"Crystalline like the laughing of children, real, decorative and very touching is the painting of Sas Hayes, who participates to the changing life of this world"
Ciresica Ruz Le Journal Geneva
1997 Art Exhibition - Colors and Movements Geneva
"Generous strokes of bright color with a preference to the blue. The paintings of Sas Hayes show her vitality, the rhythm and the tenderness in the subjects that she chooses"
Pierre Hugli Cimaises Art Magazine Geneva
1998 Art Exhibition Retrospective Geneva
"Discovering SaS Hayes in her exhibition "Retrospective" was a magic moment. Sensibility comes out in all of her forms. I like the movements of life in her paintings."
Robert Jordan sculptor
For a successful exhibition, find a theme and present paintings of the same style, in order to give a unity to your art show.
Creation, Growth and Change
A painter has to believe in his art and he should create and evolve continuously.
My paintings are becoming more abstract. I use colors and lines in compositions that are well-balanced in very small or very large formats. A new technique that I am now using on paper and canvas is oil paint mixed with water.
In the near future I will be showing you how a new style becomes a new piece of art.

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