A view upon the world. International Review of Geneva Switzerland Comments on photography

My Interest in Photography - Portraits
What is it that attracts me to photography, especially pictures of people?
Not necessarily the stiff face of a top model with that stereotyped look.

For me... it is the eyes, the tears, the joy...  the human reaction to life...
as life is for the majority of people on this planet!

My Past?
Perhaps it has something to do with two tours of duty in Vietnam.....
having served with a Marine long-range reconnaissance unit.
Among other things and other experiences.....
Experiences that taught me how to cope with feelings.
How one must remain alert in order to survive.
Put yourself in the other person's place.

I learned to look at people's faces..... their eyes especially.....
and to understand their silent words.
Not a voyeur, but a student of human behavior.....
Perhaps the man-watcher learned something about fellow men.....
and perhaps he learned something about himself.

I returned to what was called - The World -
I kept looking at people's faces.
Do they care? Do they know about life... death?
Sometimes this was seen as an aggression.
Yet, that wasn't my intention.

I wanted to portray on paper their world.
Yet, not everyone lived in the same world...

Some live in comfort... Some care less about their world...

Vietnamese "Boat People" fleeing their beloved Viet-Nam.
Their despair... misery... a sense of no hope... no future.
Better to risk death than to remain in a totalitarian society.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia... a symbol of life in a bloodied country.
Millions of dead screamed for the world to recognize a genocide.
Hundreds of thousands of Cambodian refugees did survive.....

When I Returned
They silently screamed their sorrow and their anger at me.....
"I am alive, they are dead, tell the world what happened!"

They silently screamed their sorrow and anger at me...Photo H.Hayes

Behind Every Face, There Is A Story!
Behind every face there is a story.
Happiness, fear, terror, hope, belief.

Afghanistan - A Proud People
Today's media is largely silent... As was the media of yesterday.
Afghanistan, beautiful children whose lives have been destroyed...
Anti-personnel mines... Bombs... Poverty... Ignorance...
Faces which smile - only with encouragement...
Perhaps never again.

They silently screamed their anger at me...
"I am alive, they are dead, tell the world what happened!"

These photographs are not about me.
It is a story about those people portrayed in my photographs.
They each have their story to tell.

Afghanistan is a remarkable country with a generous and friendly people.
They resisted the aggressions of a huge invading army... At a huge cost.

Now, like others before them, they have disappeared.
Behind that curtain of silence..... Silence is a killer.

And My Future?  

My future is aligned with my past. My interests will continue to be with
the people and the events of the world. We all have a story to tell.
Silence remains a killer.

Harry W. Hayes - Geneva, Switzerland - 1996 Copyright by Harry Hayes. All rights reserved.
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