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Afghan and Cambodian Art Gallery
Art and the Afghan War

If Afghanistan is forgotten by much of the world due to continued conflict, these beautiful traditional flower paintings may remind people that Afghanistan was once a beautiful and colorful country where painting was an appreciated art. That was before the Soviet invasion. The artist, Samiullah, was once a young student and amateur painter. War then came to his village and to his country. Like most Afghans, Samiullah became an Afghan resistance fighter. He was seriously wounded during a bombardment of his village. Destiny brought him to Switzerland to try and repair what was left of his arms. In between numerous surgical interventions Samiullah lived with the Hayes family. SaSa Hayes, an art teacher and painter, encouraged Samiullah to paint with his one remaining finger. These examples of traditional Afghan flower designs are all the more amazing because Samiullah continued to fight in his homeland by bringing humanitarian assistance to his people. He became a commander in the remote northern province of Faryab. Samiullah's beautiful traditional Afghan flower designs allow us to remember Afghanistan as it once was and as it will be in the future. Samiullah was an inspiration to Afghans and to his many friends in Switzerland.

Cambodian Refugee Children and Art

These wonderful watercolors were painted by Cambodian children, victims of war and refugees at Site II on the Thai-Cambodian border. SaSa and Harry Hayes visited the Khmer refugee camps on several occasions. In collaboration with International Review of Geneva Switzerland they supported projects for teaching painting to the Cambodian children. The children became young men and women and are today back in Cambodia, with the hope to restore the art that was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge genocide and war that ravaged their country.

Zep - A Special Person

Zep is a young and now very successful Swiss cartoonist. His books of humorous cartoons are widely read in Europe. He created some very special cartoons and caricatures that were published in International Review during some very difficult times for international relations. Many of the themes that he invoked are still a very real concern for the world.

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